Privacy policy

Recognizing the importance of protecting and utilizing personal information in today’s information society, FIMATEC LTD. will make the following efforts regarding personal information handled in the course of business.

1. What personal information is

Personal information means any personal identifiable information, including but not limited to address, name, telephone number and email address, we receive from customers.

2. Collection of personal information

When collecting personal information, we will only collect necessary data after notifying the customer of the purpose of collection.

3. Use of personal information

The personal information provided by customers will be used within the scope of the purpose of use specified to the customer.

4. Non-disclosure of personal information to third-parties

The personal information collected from customers will not be disclosed or provided to any third party except in the following cases:

  • With the customer’s consent
  • When disclosure to a subcontractor is necessary to perform the services desired by the customer

5. Management of personal information

Personal information collected from customers will be appropriately managed by the Personal Information Supervisor and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent leakage, loss, alteration, etc.

6. Disclosure or correction of personal information

Upon receipt of a request from a customer for personal information disclosure, we shall disclose such information to the customer without delay unless it may interfere with the performance of business or may harm the life, body, property, or other interests of the customer. In addition, if the customer submits a request for correction or deletion of personal information and the request is confirmed to be justifiable, the correction or deletion will be made without delay.

7. Compliance with laws and continuous review

We will review and improve our efforts in each of the above items as necessary to comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning personal information and to further protect the customers’ personal information.

For inquiries about personal information
General Affairs Department, FIMATEC LTD.
TEL: 03-5295-8061

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