Paint, Adhesive and Ink Industry

There are various kinds of inks with different characteristics required depending on the printing method and application.
In addition to various inorganic powders such as synthetic calcium carbonate and carbon black, we also offer a wide range of additives such as ultraviolet absorbers and thickeners.

Paint, Adhesive and Ink Industry

A variety of mineral products are used in the paint and ink industry. These serve as extender pigments that carry the functions of paints and inks, and improve the thickness and strength of paints. They are also used to adjust the viscosity of paints and inks for ease of use. For outdoor applications, more weather tolerant minerals are used, and in some cases, plate-like minerals are used to improve surface properties.

Titanium-replacing efficacy of AFF-TS Titanium-replacing efficacy of AFF-TS

Through our particle size distribution control technology that uses underwater milling, we can deliver calcium-carbonate and talc slurry products able to substitute for water-based paints and titanium oxide, etc.

The adhesive strength of halloysite can be improved depending on the conditions and adherend.

EcoSynthetix offers environmentally friendly nanoparticle binders made from natural raw materials. These binders are already used in various paper and wooden boards.

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