Film industry

Fimatec film products are surface treated and have a refractive index similar to resin that does not impair transparency. They also suppress adsorption of other additives.

Film industry

The use of highly functional films has recently been expanding. For example, liquid crystal screens are composed of overlapping films, and many films are used to package foods. Diaper backsheets, filtration membranes, and lithium-ion battery separators are also films.

Using mineral products in film doesn’t always make it opaque. Some anti-blocking agents maintain film transparency if the wavelengths of the resin and mineral product are matched or fine grains are used. There are also materials that adsorb ethylene gas when added to film or improve barrier properties when applied as a coating.

With its control technology for particle size distribution, Fimatec is able to deliver mineral products that can be utilized even in micron thin film.

Example of AFF blending into film
Example of AFF blending into film

Fimatec uses advanced particle size distribution control technologies to offer calcium carbonate products with sharp particle size distributions and no coarse grains for films.
We are also using the same technology to develop talc products for thin-film coatings.

We use SMI talc for anti-block properties. This product effectively demonstrates anti-block performance while maintaining transparency.
In addition, halloysite is a polyethylene film that improves barrier properties and absorbs residual ethylene.

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