Message from the President

Greetings from Masato Katayama, President and CEO of FIMATEC LTD.


Fimatec started business with the production of calcium carbonate for coated paper. Since then, we have not only evolved our calcium carbonate products, but have also increased the types of mineral products we handle. Now we deliver a variety of mineral products to customers.

While not many people are aware of the existence of mineral products in their daily lives, the roles of mineral products are broad, diverse, sometimes complex, and extremely interesting. We aim to make the world even better by making the most of the unique characteristics of these products.

Aware that these products are the bounty of the earth, we are also considering how to increase their added value, and how to reduce waste and conserve resources through recycling and other means.

We learn about our customers, investigate how mineral products can contribute to their business, develop products that make the most of their characteristics, and deliver them using logistics tailored to our customers. In addition, we handle a large amount of imported mineral products and propose uses suitable for customers. We are also demonstrating our capability as a manufacturer through analysis and troubleshooting.

Our activities are not limited to the domestic market. We are expanding overseas in line with globalization and can use products abroad that we develop in Japan.

We will continue our efforts to further accumulate and demonstrate our technologies, knowledge and employee capabilities to benefit the earth, society and customers.

We appreciate your patronage.

Masato Katayama, President and CEO

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