Plastic industry

Among fillers used in plastics, calcium carbonate is especially inexpensive, safe and available as a resource.
As a commercial company specializing mainly in calcium carbonate, we meet the needs of the resin industry with a large range of products.

Plastic industry
Heat resistance, mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, coverage and barrier effects

Plastics are made from a wide variety of resins that can be used in various ways. In many cases, they also include mineral fillers and additives. These fillers can be used to reduce costs or improve functions such as flexural modulus and impact strength. There are also mineral products that make resins flame retardant.

Fimatec can find the best answer to your needs with its wide range of mineral products.


alcium carbonate surface-treated with crystalline nucleators can improve impact strength and flexural modulus in a well-balanced manner.
Fine-grained talc effectively improves the flexural modulus of polypropylene.
Halloysite serves as a crystal nucleating agent for polyethylene and improves the flame retardancy of the resin through char formation.

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